2022 ¹¹ 3-4

Pro Present

Stage opening

Olga Yegoshina. Old Motorcycle, Where are You Rushing Off-Road?

Yevgenia Kuznetsova. Privilege of the Last Word

Ksenia Stolnaya. Honey and Poison of Derisive Fate 

Glance at something

Margarita Kozlenkova. Space as the Hero of the Play

Olesya Likhacheva. Theatrical Forms during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Galina Kovalenko. Patriarch of British Theatre

Victoria Peshkova. Method of Successive Approximations

Main persons

Maria Khalizeva. Deus ex Machina

Experience and thoughts

Alexei Bartoshevich. Peter Brook, Seeker of Theatrical Universality

Svetlana Kurbatova. The Influence of George Gurdjieff’s Idea on Peter Brook’s Work during the Experimental Workshop Lamda

Dmitry Trubochkin. Working with Ancient Chorus in the Theatre of XX Century

Pro êíèãè

Nikolai Pesochinsky. Meyerhold. Biomechanics. Slow Reading 

Dmitry Trubochkin. A Passion for Theatre History: On the Latest Books by A.A. Chepurov

Nadezhda Yefremova. “Sounding the Stage as if it Were Alarm ...”. The Experience of a Collective Monograph about Erwin Piscator

Pro memoria


Vidmantas Silyunas. The Path to Harmony

Sofia Rusakova. Sound Score of Calderón’s Drama Life is a Dream

Anna Lampasova. Ñourt Theatre of Queen Anne of Denmark and the Images of Power in the Masque of The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses

Maria Luisa Ferrazzi. The First Italian Choreographers at the Russian Court. Antonio Rinaldi (Fusano)

Lyudmila Starikova. Dot or Three Dots in the Funeral Detective? (Where the “First Russian Actor” F.G. Volkov is Buried)

Theatre stories

Boris Goldovsky. Demmeni’s System

Konstantin Cherkasov. The Moscow Art Theatre Production in the Name of Pushkin – Version 2

Elena Strutinskaya. Guillotine on the Soviet Stage in 1931. N.P. Akimov’s Scenography for the Play A Fear

Anastasia Arefieva. «Conspiracy of Feelings». Spanish Cycle of Nikolai Akimov

Violetta Gudkova. Michail Bulgakov. A Play about Soso Dzhugashvili

Our publications

Natalia Balatova. Portrait of Alexei Stakhovich in the Interior of the Moscow Art Theatre

Yulia Galanina. Love For Three Oranges. Divertimento by Vogak, Meyerhold and Solovyov and Prokofiev’s Opera