2021 ¹¹ 3-4

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Natalia Shcherbakova. “Theatre of Harlequin” or Career of the Italian Mask Comedy’s Second Zanni on the Paris Stage and in the Visual Art of France starting from the end of the XVI and throughout XVII Centuries. Part 2.

Ksenia Stolnaya. Pulcinella. The Birth of the Mask

Yelena Dunaeva. Marivaux and Harlequin. The Origin of the Style

Nadezhda Yefremova. Christmas Declamations of Simeon Polotsky and the School Theatre

Anna Starikova. Andreas Gryphius. The Origins of German Court Occasional Performances of the XVII Century

Lyudmila Starikova. Documentary Investigation Carried out in 270 Years. Lease, Sublease and “Raider Seizure” of the German Comedy Building in Moscow in the 1750s.


Alexander Naumov. Surrender to the Unfeasible Desire… On Music for the Unfinished Production of The Rose and the Cross in the Moscow Art Theatre

Andrey Yuriev. Henrik Ibsen’s The Pretenders in Edward Gordon Craig’s Theatrical Treatment

Theatre stories

German Marchenko. Vakhtangov and the Followers

Konstantin Cherkasov. The Queen of Spades = The Three Sisters?

Beatrice Picon-Vallin.Jean-Louis Barrault and the Japanese Theatre

Alexey Bartoshevich. “The End of Time”

Our publications

“ This Time One Should Applause, then Admire and Reflect”. To the 100th Anniversary of Fedra by Alexander Tairov, premiere February 8, 1922. Publication, Introductory Article, Comments by Svetlana Sboyeva

Wanderings of the Habima. From the Letters of L.M. Pudalova (1926–1928). Publication, Introductory Article, Comments by V.V. Ivanov

Sergei Tcherkasski. Emotional Memory vs Action in Boleslavsky’s Lessons

Richard Boleslavsky. The Third Lesson in Acting: Dramatic Action

Richard Boleslavsky. The Fourth Lesson in Acting: Characterization. Publ., translation, illustrations selection and commentary by Sergei Tcherkasski

Isadora Duncan in the Memories of Stefanida Rudneva (cont.). Publ. by I.V. Dmitrieva and I.Ye. Sirotkina Opening chapter and commentary by I.Ye. Sirotkina