2021 1-2

Pro Present

Pro memoria


Natalia Shcherbakova. Theatre of Harlequin or Career of the Italian Mask Comedys Second Zanni on the Paris Stage and in the Visual Art of France starting from the end of the XVI and throughout XVII Centuries. Part 1.

Anna Starikova. Catharina von Georgien, the Tragedy by A. Gryphius (1655). More on the German Court Theatre

Theatre stories

Yelena Bespalova. Metamorphoses of The Metamorphoses: Midas the Ballet of the Diaghilev Company

Konstantin Cherkasov. Illusory House. To the History of Construction of Nemirovich-Danchenkos Musical Theatre Building

Zoya Borozdinova. Laughter through tears. Modern Comedy in the Theatre Repertoire of the Third Reich (19331944)

Yekaterina Belova. The Unknown Ballet of Dmitry Bryantsev. Reconstruction Attempt

Experience and Thoughts

Vladimir Kolyazin. Being Tested by Classics. Henrik Ibsen. Part 2. Symphonism as a Directing Principle

Anna Samsonenko. Pavel Orlenev the First Russian Oswald

Hans Tostrup. Birthday 1898

Andrey Yuriev The Ibsenian post scriptum: Rosmersholm and Crime and Punishment

Our publications

Sergei Tcherkasski. Boleslavskys Lessons, or the Stanislavsky System, Set Forth Earlier and More Gaily

Richard Boleslavsky. The First Lesson in Acting: Concentration

Richard Boleslavsky The Second Lesson in Acting: Memory of Emotion. Publ., translation, illustrations selection and commentary by Sergei Tcherkasski
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Isadora Duncan in the Memories of Stefanida Rudneva. Publ. by I.V. Dmitrieva and I.Ye. Sirotkina Opening chapter and commentary by I. Ye. Sirotkina


Sergei Stakhorsky Discovery in the Structure of the Dramatic Plot