2014 ¹3

Theme of the Issue:
On the basis of the volume stands a detailed and closer look at the current theatre process, revealing the correlation of traditions and innovations in modern Russian theatre. This theme is consistently considered in such sections as «Monologues», «Theatre Diary», «Festivals», «Theatrical Province». The articles analyze various aspects of modern directing; especially the approach of the Twenty-first century Theatre to classic plays; the complex of its difficult, often dramatic relationships with the body of modern drama – in particular, the phenomenon of the «New Drama». The authors demonstrate a fundamentally new and different theoretical and methodological approaches to identifying the essential problems and «points of pain» of today's theatre practice, considered in the widest possible range. The «Festivals» section presents a number of analytical studies on programs of major Russian festivals (in the focus of this volume appeared, in particular, Alexandrinsky festival in St. Petersburg, Moscow festival «Stanislavsky's Seasons», the international «Volkov’s» festival in Yaroslavl), repertoires of which equally include productions of a various aesthetics: from a theater of traditionalism to the extreme forms in the search for new means of expression.