2023 ¹¹ 3-4

Pro Present

Stage opening

Marina Timasheva. Never Aging “Lyrical Comedy”

Marina Tokareva. People Who have No Right to Have Rights

Ksenia Stolnaya. Sky Birds

Alexander Kolesnikov. Herr Lehár, You have Created the Operetta of Our Life…

Yevgenia Kuznetsova. It’s for Some Reason that Galina Borisovna Comes to One’s Dreams

Lizaveta Borovikova. The Crystal Life. The Glass Menagerie at the Kolyada Theatre

Yelena Yanushevskaya. An Ordinary Story at the Sphere Moscow Drama Theatre – a Russian Novel about “Success”

Close up

Valeria Gumenyuk. Tragic Clown

Ekaterina Ometsinskaya. The Sweet-Voiced Bird of the Saturday Theatre

Konstantin Cherkasov. The Older the Fiddle, The Sweeter the Tune

Main persons

Maria Khalizeva. Ashes of Communication

Yekaterina Kretova. An Ordinary Miracle by Alexei Frandetti

Experience and thoughts

Galina Kovalenko. Metamorphoses of the Genre: from Dramatization to Adaptation British Drama Experience

Mikhail Pashchenko. Traps for Parsifal: Experiments in Stage Interpretation of Wagner’s Mystery Play in the 21st Century Herheim – Laufenberg – Scheib – Tcherniakov – Serebrennikov

Pro books

Alexandra Filippova. Overthinking

Alexander Chepurov. Opera and the Artistic Process

Alexander Chepurov. The Poetics of Robert Sturua’s Theatre

Dmitry Trubochkin. Is Aristotel’s Position Elimitated? On the book The First Century of Theatre Science: History and Theory, prepared for publication at the Russian Institute of Art History, St. Petersburg

Vadim Shcherbakov. Meyerhold’s Rehearsals of The Inspector General. On the release of the book Vs. Meyerhold. Heritage. Inspector General

Pro memoria


Anastasia Arefyeva. Lope de Vega in Amsterdam in the 17th Century

Lyudmila Starikova. By-Effect of the Name Index


Marina Raku. On the History of the Unrealized Joint Project of Vsevolod Meyerhold and Sergei Prokofiev. Episode 1

Kristina Matvienko. Utopias of Social Theatre: from the Proletkult program to the ideas of Michel de Certeau

Our publications

Silvio d’Amico’s Reviews of the Prague Group of the Moscow Art Theatre Actors Tour in Rome in December 1927. Publication, Introductory Article by N. Vagapova

Some Letters of the Correspondence of Konstantin Rudnitsky with Alexandra Smirnova-Iskander (1975–1980). Publication, Introductory Article, Comments by V.V. Ivanov

Theatre stories

Pyotr Gordeev «It Seems to me that Mr. Meyerhold is a Mentally Abnormal Creature Who Stages Nightmarish Experiments...» On the history of the relationship between Vsevolod Meyerhold, Yelena Malinovskaya and Anatoly Lunacharsky

Tatiana Kuznetsova. Unknown Pages of the Soviet Ballet History. From the life of a repressed soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre