2022 1-2

Pro present

Stage opening

Yevgeniya Kuznetsova. Prophecy?

Marina Timasheva. Between Earth and Sky There is a War

Olga Yegoshina. Where are You Racing to, Bird-Troika?

Alexander Kolesnikov Lohengrin. Those Who Have Known Sorrow

Natalia Skrokhod. Black and White

Anastasia Ivanova. The Forced Molière or Uncoerced Farces


Ksenia Stolnaya. All Thats Left

Main persons

Maria Khalizeva. Man is Mans Avatar

Glance at something

Julia Oseeva. Playlist Drama. Three Productions of the St. Petersburg Stage

Alexander Ushkarev. Online theatre-goer as a Symbol of a New Cultural Reality

Experience and thoughts

Lyudmila and Alexander Baksh. Loops of Our Time. A Composition for Two Voices in Three Parts Fragments from the book

Yelena Gorfunkel. The Three Sisters. 1967

Yulia Anokhina. Andrey Tarkovskys Hamlet: The Time is out of Joint

Pro memoria


Andrey Yuriev. Karatygins Hamlet as a Hero of the Post-Decembrists Epoch To the 190th anniversary of the Alexandrinsky Stages foundation and the 220th anniversary of its greatest tragedian Vasily Karatygins birth


Yelena Khaichenko. The Image of a Stranger in the Irish Drama of the XXXXI Centuries

Theatre stories

Yelena Bespalova. The Good-Humored Ladies Ballet of the Diaghilev Company

Maxim Gudkov. Eugene Vakhtangovs Ideas Across the Ocean: Maxim Gorkys Late Plays at the Artef Theatre (NYC)

Our publications

Sergei Tcherkasski. Boleslavskys Lessons, as a theatre production performed on a book page

Richard Boleslavsky. The Fifth Lesson in Acting: Observation

Richard Boleslavsky. The Sixth Lesson in Acting: Rhythm Publ., translation, illustrations selection and commentary by Sergei Tcherkasski

. ,

A Self-Portrait Against the Background of a Portrait. From the Letters of Boris Zingerman to Svetlana Bushueva. 19751980 Publication, Introductory Article, Comments by V.V. Ivanov, M. Khalizeva

Memoirs of M.A. Boguslavskaya about A.I. Sumbatov-Yuzhin Publication, Comments by A. Korf