2014 ¹1

Theme of the Issue:
The problem of innovation – the genuine and the false one – is a key problem in modern theatre and logically it becomes the key «knot», around which is tied a significant part of this volume’s texts. Articles of «The New Theatre; Old Stage» section deal with the aspirations of leading directors from St. Petersburg – Yury Butusov and Grigory Kozlov in the context of the new theatrical trends, on which their stage aesthetics has had the most significant impact. It also explores the creative changes that have occurred in the practice of Yuri Butusov, one of the key figures of the Russian «new theatre», in the last twenty-five years. A number of articles devoted to the problems of modern directing, directly connected with the Russian drama of the «post-dramatic theatre» era, which is one of the visible components of today's theatre. Significant place in the body of the articles take the materials devoted to the productions of the William Shakespeare’s tragedies and comedies, caused by the 450th anniversary of Bard. The authors analyze the latest performances based on the texts of «Shakespeare, our contemporary» and the multiplicity of it interpretations in modern Russian and European theatre. The «Pro Memoria» part opens with the section «Meyerhold’s readings», which is traditional for the magazine in recent years. Large collection of articles and documents’ publications introduces into academic circulation a number of new facts of the creative biography of outstanding Russian Director, one of the most brilliant innovators in the history of world theatre.