2015 ¹2

Theme of the Issue:
The legacy of the great masters of the past both with the great eras in the development of the performing arts and an attempt to identify the degree of their influence on modern theatre practice – that's what unites most of the volume’s materials. In this issue the journal responds to the 100th anniversary of Georgy Tovstonogov, one of the most important dates from the point of view of awareness of contemporary theatre their background and possible ways of development in the future. In the texts dedicated to the anniversary are researched the basic stages of great Director’s work, especially his worldview and the evolution of artistic and social views. A separate group of articles associated with the handling of the modern Russian stage for ancient heritage. The section «Trapped in a Time» reveals the specificity of existence of the Euripides and Aristophanes’ works on the stage of the twenty-first century, describes the complex problems and challenges, which should be sold by contemporary practitioners. These materials directly correspond to the detailed study, researching the problem of chorus and the hero in the later tragedies of Aeschylus. The «Bookshelf» section presents the new issues of almanac «Mnemosyne; documents and facts from the history of Russian theatre of the twentieth century». Collected together the sections of the almanac give a very important sense of common historical and theatrical space, while the diversity of «camera angles» gives the necessary volume to historical figures and events. To this section adjoin the article on the work of Vsevolod Meyerhold at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, on the theatrical and aesthetic ideas of OPOYAZ, and avant-garde directing of the early twentieth century.