2013 ¹3

Theme of the Issue:
The role of personality in the history of the theatre and theatre process is the Central idea that unites (in a variety of materials and in a variety of author approaches) the texts of this volume. In «After the Jubilee» section is presented a block of publications about K. S. Stanislavsky, the 150th anniversary of whom was celebrated in 2013. This event inevitably would be the basis of a deep reflection not only about the past, but about the present art of the theatre. The life and works of the Great Russian director and actor, creator of «the System» is considered in the context of the theatre development both at the turn of XIX and XX centuries and at the modern times. Significant place in the magazine is devoted to a publication about the theatre of Peter Fomenko, revealing his personality, his teaching, his creative method. One should stress also the texts considering the last season at the Taganka Theatre: the magazine recreates the chronology of events that led to the rupture of Y. P. Lyubimov with them-mannered actors. Huge block of materials is devoted to Moscow International Chekhov festival: its history, its features, and its productions, created by the biggest directors of contemporary theatre.