2023 ¹¹ 1-2

Pro Present

Stage Opening

Vadim Shcherbakov. A Divine Farce

Ksenia Stolnaya. Turn Your Pupils to Your Soul

Vadim Maximov. A Moor in the Decline of Postmodernism

Ella Mikhalyeva. Nikolai Erdman’s The Suicide at the Vakhtangov Theatre

Yelena Pokorskaya. Dead Souls Defile

Alexander Kolesnikov. The Fate of Outrage

Vladimir Kolyazin. The Tale of the Land of the Monster Zurabaya-Johnny and the Land of Youkali’s Dream

Provincial Anecdotes

Yelena Gorfunkel. A Theatre in a City

Olga Kovlakova. ‘Ekh, Yablochko’

Sofia Shapenko. One Day to Spring

Close up

Galina Kovalenko. Irish Playwrights on the British Stage

Natalia Skorokhod. It’s a Headache: Russians Stage reads Konstantin Steshik’s Plays

Main Persons

Maria Khalizeva. Experiencing Confusion

Yelizaveta Borovikova. What She is Silent About

Experience and Thoughts

Yulia Romashina-Dubrobvitskaya. The One who Managed to Get through Self-Imposed Suffering. Vasily Lanovoy. Roles

Alexei Bartoshevich. Oedipus, Macbeth and You and I

Yevgenia Kuznetsova. Galina Volchek. The Birth of a Director

Pro memoria


Anna Starikova. Exceptional Situation, Or Impossibility that Occurred!

Tatiana Shovskaya. Stage Images of The Golden Apple in the Context of Art Techniques of the Epoch

Andrey Yuriev. Friedrich Schiller’s Don Carlos in the Theatrical Mirrors of Russian History


Yelena Khaychenko. There, Behind the Door… On the Problem of the Evolution of Theatrical Space

Theatre Stories

Olga Yegoshina. ‘A Veil is Torn’

Natalya Tarasova. Aesthetic Principles of Art Deco in Ida Rubinshtein’s Two Phaedras of 1917 and 1923

Yuliya Novokhatskaya. The Problem of Language Reconstruction in the Works of Dario Fo

Leda Timofeeva. Kyogen Actor Nomura Mannojo and His Search for the Sources of Traditional Japanese Theatre